International Conference and Call For Papers

" Peaceful Life in Islam : Local and Global Challenges "

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Islam is religion which is perfect, dynamic, flexible, and always adjustable with such situation and condition. It is known as one of religion which is accommodative toward local culture and ikhtilaf Ulama in understanding its teaching. Its message is intended to all people, clans, societies, and countries. Islam means peaceful, safe, sacrifice, and obedient. It is called as rahmatan lil alamin (blessing for the universe), as Allah SWT saying: “ and will not ask you (Muhammad) meanwhile for (becoming) blessing for the universe” (QS. Al Anbiya’: 107). Medina Charter is an example how the prophet Muhammad SAW implemented peace in Islam. The content of the consensus is the guarantee of living together peacefully between Muslims as majority and powerful people and non-Muslims as minority. Nowadays, the islamophobia spreads throughout the world. Negative views about Muslims were identically with violence and bloodshed. In fact, Islam is religion which teaches goodness for all people. Islam is a complete and comprehensive doctrine for everyone.

Terrorism stigma toward Islam and the appearance of Islamophobia in the world nowadays cannot be separated from the roles of media. Some media has successfully portrayed Islam disproportionately, so it is comprehended as religion which is bad, inhuman, full of violence and intolerant. Some media blows propaganda to defame and limit the space toward groups even country which is considered contrast to their desire and interest.

Indonesia is the largest multicultural country in the world. It has long history of a peaceful life in its society. Since hundreds years ago, Menara Kudus gave a message to the world about peace and the representation of peace as well as the symbol of wisdom and pluralism. Mission of Islam in Indonesia is through the peace without war or force. Ulama in Indonesia shows an example of attitude of tolerance and mutual respect without forcing each other. Wali Songo has successfully avoided conflict with local culture that has already existed in Indonesia. This conference aimed to answer the global challenges of peace. How Islam and the teachings of peace can convey the message and campaign about peace from local culture and wisdom. In other words, the conference will discuss about peaceful life in Islam and the local and global challenges which initially from merely theory into reality.

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International Conference and Call For Papers

Tema : "Peaceful Life in Islam : Local and Global Challenges"

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